Package 09 — Guest Posts on 30 Travel Blogs Package — Complete Travel SEO Package

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Improve your search engine rankings and get direct visitors (1500 visitors minimum via FB and Twitter promotions) and exposure by having a guest post published on 30 different travel blogs (NICHE RELEVANT — VERY IMPORTANT IN 2020!).


Payment Type One Time Only
Recommended Delivery Time 6 Weeks. Can be done faster, no extra cost.
Initial SEO Analysis Included
Customer Input Website URL Address
Blog Posts 30
Catalog Listings 60
Website Visitors 1500 (minimum, sources : Travel Blogs Posts, FB, Twitter)


Complete SEO Package for Travel Websites:

  1. 30 blog posts on 30 different travel blogs. Good for direct visitors and improvement of search engine rankings.
  2. 60 catalog listings, on 60 different catalog (YELP style) websites (Optional: some clients already have this type of backlinks and don’t need or want more) .
  3. FB and Twitter promotions to our 3,000,000 followers , minimum 1500 visitors guaranteed (minimum 50 visitors every day for 30 days)
  4. Initial SEO Analysis — On-Site and Off-Site (Link portfolio) Analysis

Guest posting on travel niche specific blogs, on 30 different travel blogs, with different owners, different ip’s and real traffic, indexed by search engines. Real travel & tourism blogs, made for visitors, not the usual private network blogs made only for links.

  • 5 travel blogs with old pagerank > 4 , DA and PA>27
  • 5 travel blogs with old pagerank > 4 , DA and PA>22
  • 10 travel blogs with old pagerank > 3 , DA and PA>20
  • all blogs have more than 1000 unique visitors per month, 58,000 unique visitors per month for all 20 blogs combined
  • blog posts will be featured on home page
  • 3 do-follow backlinks in each blog post

We can work with your content (blog post of around 500 words with at least 3 images) or we can compose new content for you, included in the price.

Deliver speed is 1 new post every 2 days , order completion in around 6 weeks. This is to ensure a natural looking way of growing website popularity. Building 1000’s of links per day is a bad signal and can lead to penalty (that’s why spamming 1000’s of low quality in 1 day links for $5 is a bad choice). Slow and steady improved link popularity is the natural looking way.

What we need from the customer : Your website URL and the main keyphrase you target (like , for example, «Travel Agency Leeds»). The customer will be able to add this information in the internal order messaging system, after the order is created, or via email.

Free Bonus : Initial SEO analysis, search engine positions tracking , on-site analysis to spot potential SEO structure problems and off-site analysis including link portfolio quality and action plan to reach targeted SERP goals.

1-Click Fast Checkout :

# Skips account creation, we will create one for you
# We will contact you via email
# Secure payment online with VISA, MASTERCARD, PayPal and BITCOIN


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