Package 07 — 40 DA10+ Backlinks for Gambling & Casino & Betting Websites

Package 07_40 DA10+ Backlinks for Gambling & Casino & Betting Websites-promotionset

This package is creating 40 backlinks, on DA10+ (Moz2.0) websites, for gambling / casino / betting / etc. websites. All websites on different IP’s.


Payment Type One Time Only
Recommended Delivery Time Between 5 and 40 days (recommended around 2 new links/day)
Initial SEO Analysis Yes.
Customer Input Website URL; Optional titles for anchor texts, descriptions.


Having troubles getting backlinks and increased search engine exposure for your gambling website?

This package will create 40 Backlinks for your gambling / casino / betting / etc. website, from gambling related locations. Links will be placed on gambling niche directories, gambling blogs and general directories.

  • Different IP’s, no 2 websites on same IP
  • Different owners, registrars and DNS’s
  • DA10+
  • All Websites are Indexed by Google and Bing
  • Real Traffic Websites (all websites on which we put your link have between 5000 and 25000 unique visitors per month)
  • On-Site and Off-Site Analysis included

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    Very pleased with the result!

    The quality of the links is at a high level, in 3 weeks my site hit the TOP 100.

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