Our SEO services:

Customized SEO analysis

This gives you an overview of which criteria you’ve optimally fulfilled and where you still have room for improvement. Our analysis consists of a report that specifically identifies potential areas of improvement and suggests how to perfectly implement actions and solutions to remedy these weak points.

Long-term consulting

We answer all of your questions about search engine optimization and help you plan and develop your SEO strategy so that you can achieve your short-, medium-, and long-term goals.

Technical SEO implementation

Search engine optimization involves technical SEO implementation. Search machines now pay more attention to websites’ technical structures, taking factors such as indexing and loading times into account. We are happy to help you optimize your site from a technical SEO perspective.

Relaunch support

For many website operators, a relaunch represents an opportunity to modify an outdated site to keep up with the challenges currently posed by the present online landscape. We help you plan your site’s relaunch and work with your technical service providers to guarantee that the entire implementation runs smoothly up until your site goes live.

Content marketing

You should take care that the texts you publish online or on your website are one-of-a-kind, since Google reliably detects duplicate content and penalizes sites accordingly. Meanwhile, when it comes to websites without any written content, search machines can’t detect what products are being offered or what kind of information the site is meant to convey. We help you create interesting, SEO-compliant content or optimize your existing content.

Link management

Backlinks are still an essential means of ensuring off-page optimization. It’s more important than ever to build new backlinks and inspect existing ones, particularly in the wake of Google’s last Penguin update. Let’s work together to optimize your backlink strategy.

Penalty management

Has your website’s ranking plummeted? Have you seen a massive drop in traffic from Google? If so, your site may have been subjected to a Google penalty. We know how to detect Google penalties and identify which measures you need to take to improve your site’s ranking.


Videos are becoming an increasingly important factor in search engine optimization. They help users find your site when they enter relevant search terms and help you do a better job of conveying complex content and displaying your products. Contact us.


More and more users are using mobile devices to go online. Google has already taken this trend into account in its new algorithm. All websites should be mobile-optimized to keep pace with this development. We help you make sure that your site is perfectly mobile-friendly, taking all of the relevant SEO considerations into account.

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