Package 06 — SEO Package for Travel & Tourism Websites


This package will bring real visitors (at least 1 real lead/prospect per day) and improved search engine rankings (10 news articles / blog posts on old PR4+ DA20+ travel blogs/websites) to websites in tourism niche.

Perfect for travel agencies websites or travel blogs.


Payment Type One Time Only
Recommended Delivery Time 1 Blog Post every 3 days, completion in 1 month.
Guarantees Standard SEO : Metric values as advertised and your main keyphrases SERP will increase.
Refund Policy Standard SEO : Guarantees not respected or failure to deliver.


This package consists of 10 guest blog posts on 10 different travel blogs, with different owners, different ip’s and real traffic, indexed by search engines. This are real blogs, made for visitors, not the usual private network blogs made only for links.

  • 5 travel blogs with old pagerank > 4 , DA and PA>27
  • 5 travel blogs with old pagerank > 4 , DA and PA>20
  • blog posts will be featured on home page
  • each blog post will bring at least 1 lead/targeted visitor per day
  • 3 backlinks in each blog post

We can work with your content (blog post of around 500 words with at least 3 images) or we can compose new content for you, included in the price.

Your promoted website will receive 150-300 targeted leads per month and 30 backlinks from niche, authority websites, improving your search engine rankings (based on similar packages experiences we can guarantee a SERP improvement).

Deliver speed is 1 new post every 3 days , order completion in 1 month. This is to ensure a natural looking way of growing website popularity. Building 1000’s of links per day is a bad signal and can lead to penalty (that’s why spamming 1000’s of low quality in 1 day links for $5 is a bad choice). Slow and steady improved link popularity is the natural looking way.

What we need from the customer : Your website URL and the main keyphrase you target (like , for example, «Travel Agency Leeds»). The customer will be able to add this information in the internal order messaging system, after the order is created, or via email.

Free Bonus #1: Initial SEO analysis , on-site analysis to spot potential SEO structure problems and off-site analysis including link portofolio quality and action plan to reach targeted SERP goals.

Free Bonus #2: We will build 1 or 2 additional blog posts, free of charge.

Seems very cheap ? This offer is an introductory offer, available only 1 time per client website, to get new clients to experience our services.

Note about asking for the blog list in advance : The list of exact posts (and blogs) is only available at the end of the order, to paying customers only because:

  1. Security reasons.
  2. The list of blogs is determined after SEO Analysis (which is free only included in this product), determining the best choices, combined with webmaster availability.

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