Package 08 — SEO for Health & Medical Websites — Health Blog Posts and Backlinks

Package 08_SEO for Health & Medical Websites - Health Blog Posts and Backlinks_promotionset

This SEO Package is tailor made for medical & health websites, focused on niche relevant backlinks from health business directories and health blogs.


Payment Type One Time Only
Recommended Delivery Time Between 5 and 40 days (recommended around 2 new links/day)
Initial SEO Analysis Yes.
Customer Input Website URL; Optional titles for anchor texts, descriptions.


Having troubles getting backlinks and increased search engine exposure for your health & medical or pharmacy website?

1. SEO On-Site and Off-Site analysis, suggesting small changes (if necessary) for maximum SEO benefits.

2. Blog posts and backlinks for medical & health or pharmacy website, from health related locations. Links will be placed on health niche directories, health & medical blogs and general directories.

  • blog posts on 5 Health Blogs , health specific niche blogs, DA15+
  • blog posts on 10 General blogs with good health sections, DA10+
  • approved listings from 35 web directories, DA10+, indexed, moderated, clean content
  • Different IP’s, no 2 websites on same IP
  • your website will get mentioned with do-follow backlinks on 50 distinct domains (5 health blogs + 10 general blogs + 35 web directories)
  • Different owners, registrars and DNS’s
  • all websites are minimum DA20+
  • All Websites are Indexed by Google and Bing
  • Real Traffic Websites (all websites on which we put your link have between 5000 and 25000 unique visitors per month)

3. Additional (optional, free, not really recommended in 2020+) 5,000 SEO Backlinks as tier 2, for the newly created health blog posts and directory listings.

4. If your website is not in top 100 search results for your local business search then this package will send it in to top 100.

5. If your website ranks between positions 11 and 100 most likely it will end up in top 10 for your local business search phrase.

6. If your website is in top 10 then it will go slightly up. This package will act like a popularity maintenance support. Websites with no new links slowly drop down. Let’s counter that.

What we need from customer? Only your website URL, we do the rest. We can also use client’s content (descriptions, posts, etc) but it’s not required.

1-Click Fast Checkout :

# Skips account creation, we will create one for you
# We will contact you via email
# Secure payment online with VISA, MASTERCARD, PayPal and BITCOIN

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