Package 04 — 50 Approved Web Directory Listings


Guaranteed web directory listings, all different high quality directories

  • Different directory owners, different registrars, no directory networks are used.
  • Free replacement of lost listings. It’s very rare that quality websites die but if that happen we will replace any lost listing.
  • Report with exact locations of live listings


Recommended Delivery Time Between 5 and 40 days (recommended around 2 new listings/day)
Initial SEO Analysis Yes.
Customer Input Website URL; Optional titles for anchor texts, descriptions.


Note : This package offers guaranteed approved directory listings on high end directories, in which you can’t get a free listing approved. If you are interested in bulk submissions we have : manual directory submisson service 500 and 1000.

a) We select the best directories available : indexed by search engines, moderated, no spam & low quality listings inside. We avoid directory farms, auto approval directories, de indexed directories.

b) We submit and achieve 50 approved directory listings for you, from different (50) directories.

c) We monitor the listings. If a directory goes down we create a new listing , in another directory, to replace the lost one.

Note: We don’t own the web directories.


  • Minimum 10 directories with DA>20, established, 2+ years old, old pagerank 4+. 10-15 Directories with DA between 10 and 20.
  • Minimum DA>5
  • Active webmasters, indexed directories, no spam, promoted. High probability of improvement and long life span.
  • All directories have different owners which equals : different class C IP’s, different registrars, etc. NO Directory Networks!
  • Submission speed is slow to be as natural looking as possible.
  • Excellent category selection. Manual selection of category guarantees the optimal placement of your link, in the most relevant category, having only same topic links in proximity.
  • You can use internal pages (deep url’s).
  • Target multiple search terms by using different titles and descriptions. We will distribute submission evenly between all titles/descriptions if necessary.
  • Full report with the exact locations of all approved listings, live visible listings. Tracking and reports are designed to make you 100% comfortable that your order is done perfectly.

What we need from customer :   URL address. Optional : anchor texts to be rotated, descriptions or any other extra resource you want us to use.

All legal topics accepted.

1-Click Fast Checkout :

# Skips account creation, we will create one for you
# We will contact you via email, please allow 1 work day

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