Package 05 — 100 Live Blog Posts + 50 Approved Catalog Listings on 150 different websites



Payment Type One Time Only
Recommended Delivery Time 4-6 weeks, can be done faster.
Initial SEO Analysis Yes.
Customer Input Website URL; Optional titles for anchor texts, descriptions.
Blog Posts 100
Catalog Listings 50


Do you want visitors to your website / product / service ? Do you want better positions in search engines results pages?

This SEO product will :

1. Bring direct visitors to your website (from guest posts)
2. Improve your search engine rankings, guaranteed.
3. Improve your website metrics (DA domain authority, internal Google PageRank, etc)

 (100) quality DA10+ blog posts PLUS 50 Approved Catalog Listings for your website :

  • Contextual, Niche Relevant Content, 500+ Worded Blog Posts.
  • Become an authority in your field!
  • All guest posts on indexed, DA10+ domains, different IP’s and domains

We will write a 1500 word post about your site / product / service. Basically, each paragraph is written in 3 different ways. We will publish it as a guest on 100 different blogs (avoiding duplication of content by turning paragraphs, posts that can be read 100% by people, without automatic scrolling)

  1. Each blog and directory with different owners, different IP
  2. Each website indexed by Google and Bing
  3. Posts are made to be read by humans, no spin gibberish
  4. Natural Pace Posting : very important! 3-4 guestposts per day
  5. We index and build tier 2 backlinks (slowly) for each guestpost, after the gig ends
  6. Private owned + hosting, no Blogger, style
  7. 10 guest posts on DA20+ blogs, 30 on DA15+, 30 on DA10+, 30 on DA5+ (MOZ 2.0)

What we need from you : minimal info is your website url. We can rotate more url’s (on same topic or from the same website) and anchor texts.

ALL niches accepted except porn and a few others particular situations (legality). Please contact me first if your website is in a problematic niche.
Report will contain exact locations of post URL’s. Posts are permanent and links do-follow (no follow on request).


  1. Website/Video/Page URL(s)
  2. (Optional) Anchor texts
  3. (Optional) An English article that’s 500+ words long. If you don’t have an article we will write one for you.

1-Click Fast Checkout :

# Skips account creation, we will create one for you
# We will contact you via email

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