Package 01 – Directory Submission Service 500

Package 01 – Directory Submission Service 500_promotionset

We will submit your website to 500 established, high quality, human moderated internet web directories.

Please notice the high quality aspect, Google guidelines refers to “low quality” websites as bad linking practice.

Recommended Delivery Time 30 days, 10-20 submissions / work day
Initial SEO Analysis Yes.
Customer Input Your website URL, optional internal URL’s, titles to rotate, descriptions to rotate.


Are you trying to drive exposure to your local business? Or just trying, in general, to get more exposure in search engines with a better position in the search results?

Directory Submission has been one of the most tried and true ways of getting your website/business out there. It involves submitting your website to yellow page like sites so that users browsing those sites can find you when they look at a certain category. This method has been worked very well for our clients and has been recommended by Google itself.

Depending on your website’s topic this is the submit priority order:

  1. Local Business Directories
  2. Niche Relevant Directories
  3. Regional Directories
  4. Business Directories
  5. General Directories

We try to get your website included in as many as possible high quality niche relevant web directories first. We finish with high quality general directories.

Key points :

1. 100% Manual submission for maximal approval rate and compliance with Google webmaster guidelines.

2. Submission to 500 high quality web directories

  • PageRank 1+ Directories (old and established)
  • DA>20 , PA>20
  • Indexed in Google
  • We are using IP lists to avoid directory network farms
  • We do not submit to instant approval directories because they are full of bad links and spam

3. We can rotate multiple titles and descriptions

4. Slow submission speed to avoid sudden rise in incoming links, simulating a natural propagation of website popularity

5. Detailed submission report

dedicated account manager will be assigned to your order to ensure timely completion of the work.

What we need from customer? Only your website URL, we do the rest. We can also use client’s content (descriptions, posts, etc) but it’s not required.

1-Click Fast Checkout :

# Skips account creation, we will create one for you
# We will contact you via email
# Secure payment online with VISA, MASTERCARD, PayPal and BITCOIN


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