Package 03 — 500 Manual Directory Submissions (Travel / Tourism)

Package 03 – 500 Manual Directory Submissions (Travel Tourism)_promotionset

500 manual submissions to high quality, human moderated, DA20+, indexed, no same IP network farms, catalog websites mixed with specific submissions to travel niche directories, business directories and local directories.

Get listed in high quality travel niche directories relevant to your sites’ topic/industry, for this package is travel / tourism.


Payment Type One Time Only
Recommended Delivery Time 4-6 weeks, can be done faster.
Initial SEO Analysis Yes.
Customer Input Website URL; Optional titles for anchor texts, descriptions.
Tier 2 Backlinks 50 per Listing; Optional; Free.
Guarantees Standard SEO : Metric values as advertised and your main keyphrases SERP will increase.
Refund Policy Standard SEO : Guarantees not respected or failure to deliver.


This manual directory submission package is tailor made for travel & tourism niche websites, aiming to get listings/backlinks from relevant/same niche (travel) websites.

«1000 directory submissions for 5$» — you probably see this one a lot. But what you don’t know is that 95% of them are failed submission for various reasons : dead sites, wrong category selection, offline sites, and so on. Everything is done with an automated program that blasts everything in a couple of days, which is also a bad signal for Google, it’s not natural.

But what is more dangerous to your business is that this services submit to link farms, penalized by Google, putting your website search engine ranking positions in danger.

We offer successful and natural looking (slower) directory submissions. That’s it, if you buy 500 manual submissions you get 500 successful submissions. We also confirm the emails for the directories that require email confirmation.

Directory submission builds backlinks from human moderated websites, from pages having the same topic as your website (relevancy). Search engine algorithm changes directory submissions (done slowly, with anchor texts rotation) are the best way to increase your website popularity.

500 DA20+ Manual Directory Submission Package for Travel Website

  • Up to 20 sets of titles/descriptions (optional, we can offer SEO assistance to help you decide if focusing on 1 title or use of title variations is the best option for your website.)
  • No backlink file required. There is no need to upload/insert any reciprocal links in your website.
  • Completion in 4 weeks is the normal submission speed. Optional, we can submit faster, completion time in this case is 1-2 weeks but we strongly do NOT recommend faster pace and, in case of faster submission speed, the SEO guarantee we offer is canceled.

Where do we submit ? In order of priority:

  1. Travel Directories (around 30)
  2. Business Directories (around 70)
  3. Local Directories (UK/USA/Canada/Australia and more)
  4. General Web Directories up to 500 manual directory submissions.

All Directories have the following minimum specifications:

  1. Indexed by Google
  2. Established (minimum 1 year old directories)
  3. DA Domain Authority 20+
  4. Human Moderated, not spammed with low quality listings.
  5. Good Travel/Tourism section with quality content.

General Information

  • All web directories where we submit your website are established web directories, indexed by search engines and human edited.
  • Fast or slow submission, you control the speed of the submission. On request we can submit even faster but it’s not recommended.
  • Excellent category selection. Manual selection of category guarantees the optimal placement of your link, in the most relevant category, having only same topic links in proximity.
  • Target multiple search terms by using up to 20 different titles and descriptions. We will distribute submission evenly between all titles/descriptions if necessary.
  • Email checking and confirmation. Many directories require link email activation, which means that the emails must be open and a link inside must be visited. We will handle all email confirmations and you will have total access to the email used for submission, to be able to check the incoming emails.
  • Avoid duplicate submissions. If you had a previous submission order with us, we check if a link was previously submitted to a directory and submit only to directories in which your link is not active or under review.
  • Full report including directory address, date and time. Tracking and reports are designed to make you 100% comfortable that your order is done perfectly.


What informations do we need ?

Minimal : URL (address) and main keywrods targeted, we can compose the rest.

1. URl of the website
2. Title
3. Very short description : around 70 chars, must provide packed informations about your website.
4. Medium description : add around 150 chars to the very short description.
5. Long description : add another 150-200 chars to the medium description.
Note : we provide multiple sets (combinations of title and description) submissions based on packs. See each pack details for how many sets you can use (if you want).
6. Keywords —  how many do you want, best is 5-8.
7. Desired category : for example : Bussines / Furniture / Wholesale / Online Shop. Starting with a general category and going down deeper in detail.
8. Name, street, town, phone : Optional.

You can post the information in the order history that will be available in the registered users area.


Search engine rankings are determined by a number of factors — two key factors being the number of backlinks your site has and the quality & relevance of those backlinks. Our services will help you meet both these goals of building links on a scalable basis and from quality sites. In addition to that, our services also help in the following ways:

  • Search engines look at link diversity and we ensure you get a diverse enough backlink profile through our various services.
  • Get links only from quality «Penguin-safe» directories that are indexed and cached by Google and those that pass our strict directory selection criteria.
  • You can rank for specific keywords by targeting them in your link building activities with us.
  • Get more than just homepage links with our premium directory listing and guest blogging services.
  • All our services build permanent links to your site and you’re thus ensured of long-lasting results.

Note : The on-site and off-site SEO Analysis are free with this package, included.

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