Package 13 – Social Bookmarking Service — Top 50

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Manual social bookmarking package, using the top 50 bookmarking websites.


Recommended Delivery Time 25 Days (2 new listings per day)
Initial SEO Analysis Yes.
Customer Input Website URL + Internal Pages; Optional: Anchors (Titles) and descriptions.


We don’t offer «500 bookmarks for 5$» services. Those submit to de-indexed, Google penalized, bookmarking networks farms. How the report looks like :……


where all domains are penalized and de-indexed. This is what Google labels as «low quality» social bookmarking websites.

Our social bookmarking service :

  • Manual creation
  • Using only high quality bookmarking websites, usually PR4+ (this package), used by real people, huge indexing in Google
  • Slow creation, to look natural (we can speed up on demand)
  • We can rotate pages, titles and descriptions
  • Full report

We primarily aim at getting real traffic to your website, increased search engine rankings is a side effect because of the links placed on authority, high quality, websites.


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